In recent years credit business in banking environment has changed enormously. Markets are developing fast, the number of structured products is rising rapidly and international financial markets are much more open to private individuals than 10 years ago. Bank business is still constantly growing and with internet and e-mail gets faster from day to day.

Credit departments all over the globe need to keep up with the pace of these developments and the risks in the markets. Unfortunately many of the core systems in today’s banking industry do not fulfil the requirements to a sophisticated credit risk and information system.


All these facts led to the development of TEMOS. Credit specialists and programmers of CRESOFT AG supported by nearly all departments of an international private banking institute have created this system to ensure a timely accurate, risk aware and flexible credit monitoring system. TEMOS is in use for several years now. Its philosophy is steadily kept up to date and credit administration as well as customer advisers and counterparty managers are convinced of its high quality information.





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